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  • May 20 2016

Power to Thrive

New prequel – Reader Group exclusive!

Power to Thrive, a Thrive Space Colony Adventures prequel, launches August 10, 2019.

Preparing for baby — in all the wrong ways.

This should be the happiest time of his life for rangy mechanic Copeland. His 1-year-old son is about to be delivered from the citadel’s creche.

Babies don’t come easy on Mahina. The moon is barely livable, pregnancy impossible. The city controls fertilization, gestation, and infancy.

Like they control everything else.

A second-class settler like Copeland needs to toe the line in order to qualify. For a rebel like him, going legit is a tall order.

When a power shortage threatens to close his factory, Copeland could lose his kid along with his job.

Time to quit playing by the rules.

Power to Thrive is a short prequel to Skyship Thrive.

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  • Aug 9 2019

Excerpt - Starship Thrive

Copyright © 2019 Ginger Booth. All rights reserved.

Starship Thrive, book 4 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series, launches August 1, 2019.

Captain Sass Collier got her crew to Denali.
Can she bring them home again?

Marooned 35 million miles from their home moon. Not enough fuel to reach orbit again, let alone Mahina. The locals seem friendly. But the planet Denali itself is hostile, from volcanoes to microbes.

Thrive has 6 months until their launch window opens – and closes.

The prizes Denali offers are jewels beyond price. An actual starship awaits on the sea bottom. The greatest nanite scientist of the system can finally tell Sass how she came to be immortal.

Be careful what you ask for.

In the finale of the Denali arc, our heroes visit the ocean floor, battle an aggressive ecosystem, and come to terms with a strange new world.

And just maybe, they’ll win a starship. Fuel not included. Additional taxes and grueling acts of heroism may apply.

Get Starship Thrive now because you love a rollicking space opera with heart! Book 4 in the Thrive Space Colony Adventures.

  • Jul 16 2019

Excerpt - Interplanetary Thrive

Copyright © 2019 Ginger Booth. All rights reserved.

Interplanetary Thrive, book 3 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series, launches June 6, 2019.

Five months there. Five months back.

And seven months waiting for the planets to align. In a tiny ship never meant for deep space.

Denali is one hell of a trip.

But the leading mind in nanite medicine is stranded there. Captain Sass Collier wants him back, to cure failure to thrive syndrome in her own colony.

Each of the crew has a motive to embrace the risk. The lucky ones wish for adventure. Adventure is assured.

But Denali holds another prize beyond their wildest dreams.

Can Sass hold her fractious crew together, get the goods, and meet her launch window home?

Get Interplanetary Thrive now because you love a rollicking space opera with heart! Book 3 in the Thrive Space Colony Adventures.

  • May 30 2019

Excerpt - Spaceship Thrive

Copyright © 2019 Ginger Booth. All rights reserved.

This is the blurb for Spaceship Thrive, book 2 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series.

Pirates, slavers, and deviants!

Captain Sass Collier steers her motley crew across the treacherous planetary rings, seeking solutions to the steady health decline of Mahina. Tantalizing clues point to Sagamore, Mahina’s brother moon colony.

To get there, Sass needs to upgrade her vintage skyship to a spaceship. Her crew’s would-be heroes need space legs. And the ex-cop Sass is probably the wrong person for the job.

But no one else is willing to try.

Only the deranged denizens of the rings can help them reach Sagamore. They’re more dangerous than the asteroids.

But if Sass doesn’t figure out why the moon’s settlers are failing, Mahina Colony is doomed.

Sass won't let that happen.

If you love exciting space adventures with an ensemble cast of well-meaning misfits, you’ll love book 2 in Ginger Booth’s Thrive series. For fans of Firefly and Nathan Lowell’s Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series.

  • Apr 2 2019

Figure - Rings of Pono

Mahina and Sagamore are colonized.
Most moons omitted.

  • Apr 2 2019

Excerpt - Skyship Thrive

Copyright © 2019 Ginger Booth. All rights reserved.

This is the blurb for Skyship Thrive, book 1 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series.

An ex-cop who cannot die.
A moon full of settlers who cannot thrive.

Mahina's terraformers built a high-tech urban paradise. Then Earth flooded the colony with desperate refugees, cop Sass Collier among them.

The settlers who arrived with Sass died decades ago. Outside the citadel, their descendants die weak and young.

Sass fought a rebellion against the city once. She won concessions to give the settlers a chance at health. She paid with 20 years in prison.

Now she’s out, a reformed character. She assembles an oddball crew doing odd jobs. She intends to mind her own business – how to make a profit on the skyship Thrive.

But her fellow settlers are still failing.

While her business model careens toward circus acts, Sass dares to defy the city again.

Pick up Skyship Thrive because you love upbeat character-driven SF with fun technology. Suggested for fans of Firefly or Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper books.

  • Jan 20 2019