Excerpt - Feral Courier

This is the blurb and a sample from Feral Courier, book 3 in the Calm Act Feral America series.

From gang rat to diplomat.

Ava Panic prefers a simple mission. If it bothers her, shoot it.

But with her partner benched, tiny Ava gets no respect from the supplier low-lifes in Ohio. Then she makes a chance discovery – Canada has advanced new cell phones.

In a crumbling world, this tech is a game-changer. The Northeast can’t produce the microchips. Neither can Canada. Where did they come from?

To find out, Ava has to cross the continent alone, slip into the Pacific Northwest undetected, and figure out whom to contact.

Canada holds the only route through the Dust Bowl, a single train. Under false pretenses, Ava is on it. Along with secret police, counter-agents, troops, and a lost defector from home.

And a whole lot of trouble.

Excerpt - Feral Agent

Feral Agent, the sequel to Feral Recruit.

Like a honeymoon. With guns.

Flunked out of the Army.

Reunited with her erratic boyfriend Cade.

Ava Panic sets forth on her new career as a secret agent. She joined the company – the so-called ‘death angels’ – to be with Cade. He claims the job is orgasmic. Great food. Lots of fun. Freedom and the open road.

Some killing required. But the young gang rats are old pros at that.

Cade shows Ava the ropes in Pennsylvania. Illegal border crossing. Con artistry. Contractor management and drug smuggling. How to drive Cade’s beloved SUV, and pray she doesn’t scratch the paint job.

But her training is a rush job. Their team races the Ohio Army into the failed super-state of Virginia for the company’s toughest mission ever.

Feral Agent is the sequel to Feral Recruit.

Excerpt - Feral Recruit

Feral Recruit, the first book in the Calm Act Feral America series.

She survived. That’s not good enough.

When Ebola struck Manhattan, Ava Panic was a bright high school sophomore. Two years later, Ava’s still kicking. Also hitting, biting, and gouging eyes.

Nine out of ten didn’t make it. Half the survivors are feral teens like Ava. During the Starve, their gangs terrorized the city. The Army finally stopped the dying, and resettled desirable refugees to new lives out in the countryside.

But no one wants the gang rats, least of all the adults in the city. The generations loathe each other.

The new nation of Hudson hopes Army discipline can salvage these kids. Ava is game. Because the Army holds all the cards now. And if the streets taught her anything, Ava knows that only the ones with power survive. But for this to work, either the Army or gang rat Ava will have to change.

Tsunami Wake Excerpt

Tsunami Wake, Calm Act series book 4.

The tsunami was only the beginning.

The fledgling nation of Hudson, born in the wreckage of New York and New Jersey, is only five months old when catastrophe strikes. Hudson is better prepared than most super-states of the ex-USA. But they aren't ready for this.

Tech whisperer Dee Baker barely escapes the tsunami herself. Her media empire is in tatters over censorship fights, while her home town sinks beneath the waves. As bad news piles scandal upon disaster, Dee struggles to deliver public support. Because Hudson is going to need it. Nations will fall in the tsunami's wake. Dee needs to make sure hers isn't one of them.

New Covers

I've been working hard on learning to market books, and finally realized it was ridiculous to spend a penny on advertising without improving the book covers... So! Along with the new cover for Civilly Disobedient, I got new covers for Project Reunion and Martial Lawless as well! Aren't they pretty? :)

And the new full set (font-matching):