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Book 4 Launches on March 1!

Getting ready to launch Book 4 now, Tsunami Wake!

Le Blurb:

The tsunami was only the beginning.

The fledgling nation of Hudson, born in the wreckage of New York and New Jersey, is only five months old when catastrophe strikes. Hudson is better prepared than most super-states of the ex-USA. But they aren’t ready for this.

Tech whisperer Dee Baker barely escapes the tsunami herself. Her media empire is in tatters over censorship fights, while her home town sinks beneath the waves. As bad news piles scandal upon disaster, Dee struggles to deliver public support. Because Hudson is going to need it. Nations will fall in the tsunami’s wake. It’s up to Dee to make sure hers isn’t one of them.

Tsunami Wake is book 4 in the Calm Act climate change apocalypse series, which began with End Game. If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling dystopian worlds, and page-turning action, you'll love Ginger Booth's day-after-tomorrow Calm Act series.

Oh, and click here for more pictures of Totoket. The base photo for this awesome cover was from a winter walk. :)

  • Feb 10 2017