Drone Rider Series - Cyborg vs. AI Cyberpunk

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My series Drone Rider is action cyberpunk, cyborg vs. AI.

Across the devastated landscape of 22nd century America, Betta Graham herds climate migrants from Chicago's Northern League dome. She becomes a cyborg when she uncovers a massive plot for monster AI to destroy Earth's ruling domes. And she learns her boyfriend Valentin is the same sort of sentient war AI.

As the AI Wars begin, Betta is uniquely vulnerable – and potent – against humanity's horrific new foe.

Come for the laser-eyed attack bunnies! And stay for nonstop action and compelling characters in a gritty post-apocalyptic world.

In my overall future history:

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If you've read Thrive Earth Return, you'll recognize sentient critters and the legacy of Earth's AI Wars, including Chicago. This is that story.

If you've read Feral Recruit, this is the future of the shadowy Northern League Ava Panic glimpsed in its early days.


The Books:


Drone Rider: Cyborg AI Science Fiction

Betta is a newly made cyborg with laser-eyed attack bunnies. Valentin is a sentient AI with a secret. When combat AIs declare war on humanity, can these virtual lovers save Chicago from the opening salvo? Gritty cyberpunk action you can’t put down, with likable antiheroes.

Drone Rider 2: Cyborg AI Science Fiction

Betta's team strikes back against the monster AI responsible for destroying Earth domes. They infiltrate fallen Poland to turn its weaponry against the aggressor.

Drone Rider 3: Cyborg AI Science Fiction

One down, one to go! Betta and team are up against their toughest opponent yet, along the Silk Road in Western China. But if they succeed, will their human allies turn on them?