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Thrive Series

If you love exciting space adventures with an ensemble cast of well-meaning misfits, you’ll love the Thrive series. For fans of Firefly and Nathan Lowell’s Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series.


Book 1: Skyship Thrive

An ex-cop who cannot die. A moon full of settlers who cannot thrive. The original colonists built a high-tech urban paradise. Then Earth dumped desperate refugees on them. They scrape a bare living outside the citadel. Skyship captain Sass Collier tried to rouse them once, and failed. Against her will, she’s about to try again.
Book 2: Spaceship Thrive

Pirates, slavers, and deviants! Captain Sass Collier steers her motley crew across the treacherous planetary rings, seeking answers on the moon Sagamore. Only the deranged denizens of the rings can help Sass upgrade her ship. But are the natives the most dangerous obstacle of all?
Book 3: Interplanetary Thrive

Five months there. Five months back. Denali is one hell of a trip. The prizes on offer are beyond their wildest dreams. Will Sass be able to hold her fractious crew together, get the goods, and meet her launch window home? Or will the trip prove to be her undoing?
Book 4: Starship Thrive

Marooned on a hothouse planet, with no fuel to get home. Sass and crew face the ocean deep, volcanoes, and microbes, and finally learn how Sass became immortal. But will they make it home with the greatest prize in the system?
Book 5: Ringship Prosper

The Thrive crew reunites to test a faster-than-light breakthrough that could change everything. Can Captain Ben Acosta keep his decrepit ship flying, help his ex prove ground-breaking new physics, save innocents, steal priceless technology, and pay the kids’ tuition?
Book 6: Sanctuary Thrive

Sass and the Thrive crew find Sanctuary Colony to hold failing communities with awesome tech, protected by an AI who just might prove Sass’s undoing.
Prequel: Power to Thrive

On the colony moon of Mahina, the citadel holds all the power — literally. Scrappy mechanic Copeland concocts an audacious plot to steal some back.

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  • Jan 19 2019