Thrive Series - Space Colony Adventure

If you love exciting space adventures with an ensemble cast of well-meaning misfits, you’ll love the Thrive series. For fans of Firefly, Robert A. Heinlein, Nathan Lowell’s Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, and Dennis E. Taylor's Bobiverse.

"Quirky characters, fun tech, and social uprising? Yes please!"

"Best series I've read in years!"

"Really fun. This feels like Firefly, but it's not a cheap knock off. I'm straight on to the next one."

The original series begins with Skyship Thrive, but you can also jump in at the second series with Thrive Earth Return.

Nexus Space History Mysteries

This new standalone series takes place 200 years into the future of my Thrive universe. Some are gone, but expect to meet familiar past heroes from Thrive.

A fun and upbeat science fiction adventure, with mystery, action, space trains, flying life support suits, and cryptic aliens! Come for the vivid world-building and stay for the addictive characters.

“A science fiction thrilling mystery. And cyborg crocodile aliens that may not be friendly.”

“Great sci-fi adventure. Nexus is excellently written and believable.”

“Unconventional space hero who everyone can love.”

“What a fun read! Very character-driven. Wonderful imagination and storytelling.”

A cosmic story arc that took two centuries and a different sort of hero to resolve...

Drone Rider Series - Cyborg vs. AI Cyberpunk

Drone Rider banner

My series Drone Rider is action cyberpunk, cyborg vs. AI.

Across the devastated landscape of 22nd century America, Betta Graham herds climate migrants from Chicago's Northern League dome. She becomes a cyborg when she uncovers a massive plot for monster AI to destroy Earth's ruling domes. And she learns her boyfriend Valentin is the same sort of sentient war AI.

As the AI Wars begin, Betta is uniquely vulnerable – and potent – against humanity's horrific new foe.

Come for the laser-eyed attack bunnies! And stay for nonstop action and compelling characters in a gritty post-apocalyptic world.

Feral America Series - Climate Apocalyptic with Epidemic

Calm Act Feral America: Ava Panic's Story


She survived. That's not good enough.

In the Calm Act series, we stick with the winners, those with power and choices as America collapses.

But Ava Panic was sweet 16 when Ebola destroyed her world. Two brutal years later she's among the 1 out of 10 who survived the culling of New York City.

She's a bit pissed off about that. :)

Join the next generation on the receiving end of catastrophic climate change and government policy.

"Ava kicks butt! Ava was a victim of the culling of NYC. She climbs out of the anarchy that took over as the adults died and teens formed gangs to survive. If you like a take charge female character, Ava is here for your reading enjoyment!"

Calm Act Series

Climate Apocalypse

Time Ran Out on Climate Change

The climate science was almost right. It was already too late. Weather disasters spin out of control. Food prices skyrocket. Refugees spill everywhere, including Americans fleeing the dust bowl, floods, and hurricanes.

Congress has a plan, the Calm Act. Its public face is martial law. The secret measures are worse.

In these apocalyptic adventures, set in the Northeast, ordinary people face a mounting climate crisis, and a government that seems to have betrayed them.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

"Hard to put down. Can understand the magic number of tipping the environment and population over the limit. Scary, scary subject."

"Lots of surprising twists and likeable characters. Not your usual apocalyptic scenario. It makes you think about where you would fit in and how you would react if the s*** really did hit the fan."