Excerpt - Skyship Thrive

This is the blurb for Skyship Thrive, book 1 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series.

An ex-cop who cannot die.
A moon full of settlers who cannot thrive.


Mahina's terraformers built a high-tech urban paradise. Then Earth flooded the colony with desperate refugees, cop Sass Collier among them.

The settlers who arrived with Sass died decades ago. Outside the citadel, their descendants die weak and young.

Sass fought a rebellion against the city once. She won concessions to give the settlers a chance at health. She paid with 20 years in prison.

Now she’s out, a reformed character. She assembles an oddball crew doing odd jobs. She intends to mind her own business – how to make a profit on the skyship Thrive.

But her fellow settlers are still failing.

While her business model careens toward circus acts, Sass dares to defy the city again.

Pick up Skyship Thrive because you love upbeat character-driven SF with fun technology. Suggested for fans of Firefly or Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper books.

Excerpt - Road to Humble Texas

Road to Humble Texas, a Calm Act side story.

When America falls, a hero rises again.

Kayden was a good soldier. Now he's down and out. Homeless and wracked by PTSD and addiction, he struggles to get clean and sober as America reels under the impact of impossible weather.

When his beloved America embraces draconian emergency measures, and apocalyptic hurricanes rip Houston apart, Kayden finds he's not as helpless as he thought.

Despite his demons, he can help others.

If he can pull himself together in time.

Calm Act Series

Climate Apocalypse

Time Ran Out on Climate Change

The climate science was almost right. It was already too late. Weather disasters spin out of control. Food prices skyrocket. Refugees spill everywhere, including Americans fleeing the dust bowl, floods, and hurricanes.

Congress has a plan, the Calm Act. Its public face is martial law. The secret measures are worse.

In these apocalyptic adventures, set in the Northeast, ordinary people face a mounting climate crisis, and a government that seems to have betrayed them.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

"Hard to put down. Can understand the magic number of tipping the environment and population over the limit. Scary, scary subject."

"Lots of surprising twists and likeable characters. Not your usual apocalyptic scenario. It makes you think about where you would fit in and how you would react if the s*** really did hit the fan."

Excerpt - Feral Carolina

Feral Carolina, the fourth book in the Calm Act Feral America series.

Newlywed to double agent.

Ava Panic’s happy honeymoon is rudely interrupted by a hostile takeover.

Her new boss is from Florida, recent conquerors of Georgia and Alabama. His first message demotes her. The relationship goes downhill from there.

Ripped from Cade’s arms, Ava heads to Carolina as a double agent, Hudson and death angel.

The company’s Carolina operations are a shambles. Hudson wants to halt Florida’s wars of expansion. And a women’s expedition hopes to instigate peace.

All Ava wants is to go home to Cade. Except there’s that little matter of revenge for the murder of New York City.

You'll love Ava Panic’s latest adventure in societal collapse, with page-turning action and vivid characters in the apocalyptic Calm Act Feral America series.

Excerpt - Ebola Day

Ebola Day, a prequel to the Calm Act Feral America series.

She fell in love. New York fell into chaos.

Before the Ebola epidemic, before the Starve, Ava Panic is a lonely teen.

Ava is caught inside the barricades as the U.S. descends into martial law. Food prices skyrocket, and riots fill the streets.

But Ava meets handsome Cade at her karate dojo, and her life changes overnight.

Cade is popular, wealthy, a top student. Heady days follow of friendship and freedom, and budding romance. Ava finally belongs. The mean streets are their playground.

But there's a dark side to Cade. And maybe being with others isn't safer.

Maybe it's a trap.

Excerpt - Feral Courier

This is the blurb and a sample from Feral Courier, book 3 in the Calm Act Feral America series.

From gang rat to diplomat.

Ava Panic prefers a simple mission. If it bothers her, shoot it.

But with her partner benched, tiny Ava gets no respect from the supplier low-lifes in Ohio. Then she makes a chance discovery – Canada has advanced new cell phones.

In a crumbling world, this tech is a game-changer. The Northeast can’t produce the microchips. Neither can Canada. Where did they come from?

To find out, Ava has to cross the continent alone, slip into the Pacific Northwest undetected, and figure out whom to contact.

Canada holds the only route through the Dust Bowl, a single train. Under false pretenses, Ava is on it. Along with secret police, counter-agents, troops, and a lost defector from home.

And a whole lot of trouble.