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Calm / Feral Timeline

Calm Act Timeline

This is two parallel story lines, with prequels. Two women, shared future.

End Game was my first novel. This grew organically.

Chronological order is column one, then column two. But the books are written to begin at End Game or Feral Recruit (the ones named 'book 1'). The Feral books are more action-oriented. That said, you can start at any marked in yellow.

Or read the ebook box sets in order: Calm Act Genesis, Calm Act Complete, Feral America Complete.

* Save Feral King and Feral Queen for last, after Feral Carolina – people enjoy them more that way. The Starve books aren't in a box set.

** The time is 'now'. I dated End Game as 2020 in the table because it's easier to understand.

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Calm Act
Calm Act Genesis
(Dee Baker)
Feral America
Feral Starve
(Ava Panic)
2018Civilly Disobedient (prequel)
2019Dust of Kansas (prequel)
2020Road to Humble Texas (side story)
End Game (book 1)Ebola Day (prequel)
2021   * Feral King (prequel)
Project Reunion (book 2)   * Feral Queen (prequel)
2022Marshal Lawless (book 3)
Feral Recruit (book 1)
2023Tsunami Wake (book 4)
Feral Agent (book 2)
Feral Courier (book 3)
Feral Carolina (book 4)