Feral America Series - Climate Apocalyptic with Epidemic

Calm Act Feral America: Ava Panic's Story


She survived. That's not good enough.

In the Calm Act series, we stick with the winners, those with power and choices as America collapses.

But Ava Panic was sweet 16 when Ebola destroyed her world. Two brutal years later she's among the 1 out of 10 who survived the culling of New York City.

She's a bit pissed off about that. :)

Join the next generation on the receiving end of catastrophic climate change and government policy.

"Ava kicks butt! Ava was a victim of the culling of NYC. She climbs out of the anarchy that took over as the adults died and teens formed gangs to survive. If you like a take charge female character, Ava is here for your reading enjoyment!"

"What young men and women go through just to grow up and find their way in life. Her description of boot camp and the way of military life is spot on, from the drill instructors to the commanders."

"Feral Recruit is as good as, or better than, 90% of the Science Fiction books published by well-established popular writers. Gritty, realistic and the characters are believable. Reminds me of Starship Troopers."

If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling world-building, and page-turning action, you'll love the climate apocalyptic Calm Act Feral America series.


Book 1: Feral Recruit

She survived. That's not good enough. Ava Panic weathered Ebola and the Starve in the gangs of Manhattan, among a million other orphaned teens. She seeks a new life and brighter prospects in the Army. For this to work, either the gang rat or the Army has to change.

Book 2: Feral Agent

Like a honeymoon. With guns. Ava is reunited with her erratic boyfriend Cade in her new job as a secret agent with the 'death angels.' After learning the ropes in Pennsylvania, they race the Ohio Army into the failed super-state of Virginia for their toughest mission ever.

Book 3: Feral Courier

Solo to Seattle. Ava crosses the continent seeking tantalizing new tech. Canada holds the only route through the Dust Bowl, a single train. Under false pretenses, Ava is on it. Along with secret police, counter-agents, troops, and a whole lot of trouble.

Book 4: Feral Carolina

Newlywed to double agent. Ava's honeymoon is interrupted by a hostile company takeover. Can Ava break in her new boss, strike another blow against the Northern League, and win back her honeymoon? Ava kicks butt in Dixie!

Feral Winter (Book 5 or start point)

Newlywed Ava hoped for domestic bliss. But a famine winter puts years of preparation to the test. A string of suspicious deaths plagues the Apple, and she joins with old friends to investigate. What she learns just might break her heart.

Prequel: Ebola Day

She fell in love. New York fell into chaos. Before the Ebola epidemic, before the Starve, Ava Panic is a lonely teen. Then she meets handsome Cade at her karate dojo, and her life changes overnight. Ava finally belongs. The mean streets are their playground. Ebola Day is a prequel to Feral Recruit.

Feral America Complete: Books 1-4 & Prequel

Save cash buying the whole set! Doesn't include 2022's new Feral Winter or the Feral Starve series.

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