Feral Starve Series


Feral Starve: Frosty and Panic


Feral Starve is the intense, gripping story of Frosty and Panic’s education in violence and survival during the Starve, which killed 9 out of 10 people in New York City. These are the gang years between Ebola Day and Feral Recruit.

A long-time fan request!

For maximum enjoyment, suggest you read this series after the main Feral America series.


Book 1: Feral King

Trapped in NYC by the epidemic, young couple Frosty and Panic struggle to form a gang. What must they become in order to survive?

Book 2: Feral Queen

A gang queen is born. At the summer height of the Starve in Manhattan, Ava Panic defends their turf, secures food, and leads the fractious girls, while Frosty ranges farther afield in the mounting gang wars. Will help ever arrive? Ava kicks butt!

Prequel: Ebola Day

She fell in love. New York fell into chaos. Before the Ebola epidemic, before the Starve, Ava Panic is a lonely teen. Then she meets handsome Cade at her karate dojo, and her life changes overnight. Ava finally belongs. The mean streets are their playground. Ebola Day is a prequel to Feral King.

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