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Dust of Kansas

The Calm Act is born in the dust of Kansas.

Fort Leavenworth Kansas is home to the elite US Army Command School. Major Emmett MacLaren and his roommates look forward to a placid year studying advanced military planning.

But a Dust Bowl is brewing to rival the worst hard times of the twentieth century Depression. Rivers and aquifers are running dry. Race riots and refugees fill the news. And Command School is doing something strange this year. Its officer scholars will focus on war-gaming a single scenario, in utter secrecy - the collapse of the United States due to climate change.

Civilly Disobedient

The Storms Before the Calm

Resourceful programmer Dee Baker is getting worried about climate change. Food prices are skyrocketing, the drought out west deepening, and the storms just won't quit. When her intrusive Fortune 100 media employer forbids her to attend the escalating riots, Dee defies them to visit a rally, and see for herself what they're trying to hide.

Ebola Day

She fell in love. New York fell into chaos.

Before the Ebola epidemic, before the Starve, Ava Panic is a lonely teen. Then she meets handsome Cade at her karate dojo, and her life changes overnight. Ava finally belongs. The mean streets are their playground. Ebola Day is a prequel to Feral Recruit.