Indoor Salad Links

Links to websites and products mentioned in my book Indoor Salad: How to Grow Vegetables Indoors.

Products change over time. Please let me know if any links are broken! is back offline, because hackers kept breaking into it.


Aerogarden hydroponic system
Aerogardenmastery indoor gardening growlogs and discussion. Topics not limited to Aerogardens, or even indoor growing – we just like gardening tech. Site closed, sorry.

Chapter 1: Introduction

The $64 Tomato, by William Alexander Amazon

Chapter 3: The Root Zone

Note that on the root zone systems and supplies below, I’m not necessarily recommending the best place to buy them, just sites where you can see them. Many of these systems are expensive, and it pays to shop around.

Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Bartholomew Amazon
Misco self-watering pots – buy at Amazon, Walmart, job lots stores, etc. Amazon
Park Starts Seedling Starter System
Epcot “Behind the Seeds” tour YouTube
Bluelab Truncheon nutrient meter
General Hydroponics Flora series nutrients and MaxiGro 1-part dry nutrients
Flora pints Amazon
MaxiGro Amazon
pH control kit Amazon
Urban Farm Fertilizer organic nutrients
Amazon, vegetative
Amazon, tomato/bloom
Stealth Hydroponics is gone, but H2OtoGro looks similar Amazon

Chapter 4: Lights

Growlog of the CFL vs. LED lettuce experiment. Includes links to the products used. Site closed.
Hydroponic cucumbers grown indoors with a LED grow light YouTube
Sites for exploring grow tents, HID lights, reflectors, etc., to see what they look like and the price ranges.
A clamp lamp Amazon

Chapter 8: Mature Fruits

A list of indoor-tested heirloom short tomato varieties, many determinate. I prefer indeterminate.
Just how many tomato varieties are there? Here are a couple sites with hundreds on offer – peppers, too.
IKEA wooden storage systems, cord set HEJNE storage @
IVAR storage @
GORM storage @
HEMMA cordset @