Nexus Space History Mysteries

This new standalone series takes place 200 years into the future of my Thrive universe. Some are gone, but expect to meet familiar past heroes from Thrive.

A fun and upbeat science fiction adventure, with mystery, action, space trains, flying life support suits, and cryptic aliens! Come for the vivid world-building and stay for the addictive characters.

“A science fiction thrilling mystery. And cyborg crocodile aliens that may not be friendly.”

“Great sci-fi adventure. Nexus is excellently written and believable.”

“Unconventional space hero who everyone can love.”

“What a fun read! Very character-driven. Wonderful imagination and storytelling.”

A cosmic story arc that took two centuries and a different sort of hero to resolve...

Book 1: Nexus Talks to Aliens

A neurodiverse Earthling smuggles a stranded robot home to the stars. For Nexus, meeting aliens is a dream come true, until sabotage derails his space train to Luna. His first mystery is who attacked the train, and why?

Book 2: Nexus Talks to People

Nexus proved his flair for aliens, yet still struggles with his own people. Good thing he must earn his keep on the long trip to Space Academy. Contracted out for pest control, he uncovers an alien/human conflict.

Book 3: Nexus At Space Academy

Nexus discovered the Oracle, yet its mystery deepens. The friends begin Space Academy on the sumptuous colony world of Sihnon. The team discovers a devastating secret that could unleash war between croc and testudo, with humans dragged in by the crossfire. Can Nexus harness his oracular gifts in time to avert war?