Power to Thrive

New prequel – Reader Group exclusive!

Power to Thrive, a Thrive Space Colony Adventures prequel, launches August 10, 2019.

Preparing for baby — in all the wrong ways.

This should be the happiest time of his life for rangy mechanic Copeland. His 1-year-old son is about to be delivered from the citadel’s creche.

Babies don’t come easy on Mahina. The moon is barely livable, pregnancy impossible. The city controls fertilization, gestation, and infancy.

Like they control everything else.

A second-class settler like Copeland needs to toe the line in order to qualify. For a rebel like him, going legit is a tall order.

When a power shortage threatens to close his factory, Copeland could lose his kid along with his job.

Time to quit playing by the rules.

Power to Thrive is a short prequel to Skyship Thrive.

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