Thrive and Calm Act Series Audio!

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(Sample from Ringship Prosper, hand-crafted AI audio available from my PayHip store.)


Multiple series now COMPLETE on audio!

In addition to the actor-narrated books 1-4, Thrive books 5-9 now available in Virtual Voice! And the Nexus series! Plus Thrive Colony Corps, the entire second series. So far. I won't list them all here! :)

And both Nexus books, plus all of Calm Act Genesis - four prequels, plus most of the Calm Act series. So far.

You can purchase these on Audible, included in an Audible Plus subscription (if you also have Kindle Unlimited), or as an inexpensive add-on when you purchase the ebook on Amazon.

Use this page to find my Virtual Voice books on Audible. (But this is beta software. Audible doesn't show series info yet, which includes the book number. So know before you go, which title you're looking for.)

It's probably more useful to visit my author page on Amazon. Then use the drop-down to request Audio format books, then Show All Books, then select Audio again. Yeah, software beta. But at least Amazon includes the book number and series.

The ebook-shaped book covers are the Virtual Voice ones.


NEW! Second Season!

Ringship Prosper, Thrive Book 5 (AI narrated)

The heroes left behind develop new warp technology.

Books 1-4 form Thrive's first season (one arc). Books 5-6, the second season, opens new possibilities.

How are these different from Virtual Voice? I used a different AI narrator and sheer hard work to hammer Ringship Prosper and Petticreek Five into shape. The Virtual Voice treatment is more hands-off, not carefully vetted - and cheaper for you and me.

Anything you buy on my store, I receive about 85% of the purchase price. On Audible or Amazon, almost nothing.


Petticreek Five, a Thrive prequel (AI narrated)

How Sass earned her 20-year sentence on a remote farm.

Publisher Packs!

Thrive Publisher Pack, Books 1-2 (Amazon) (Audible)

Sass Collier collects her elderly spaceship and a motley crew, and heads into space seeking answers to save her moon colony. Contains Skyship Thrive and Spaceship Thrive, books 1-2 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures.

Thrive Publisher Pack, Books 3-4 (Amazon) (Audible)

Sass and crew cross deep space for another planet. Five months there, five months back, could this possibly be worth it? Contains Interplanetary Thrive and Starship Thrive, books 3-4 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures.


Individual Audiobooks

Skyship Thrive (Amazon) (Audible)

Spaceship Thrive (Amazon) (Audible)

Interplanetary Thrive (Amazon) (Audible)

Starship Thrive (Amazon) (Audible)

Calm Act

I deeply appreciate sales of these on my store instead of Amazon/Audible - the proceeds go to me instead of 75% to them.

Civilly Disobedient (Amazon) (Audible) (my store)

End Game (Amazon) (Audible) (my store)

*New*! Calm Act later books in "Virtual Voice"

The entire Calm Act series, its prequels, plus Feral America to Feral Courier (book 3) are available so far.


Project Reunion, Calm Act Book 2 ("add an audiobook with virtual voice")

Martial Lawless, Calm Act Book 3

Tsunami Wake, Calm Act Book 4

Feral America books in "Virtual Voice"

Feral Recruit, Feral America Book 1

Feral Agent, Feral America Book 2

Feral Courier, Feral America Book 3

Calm Act Prequels in "Virtual Voice"

Calm Act Genesis box set (all four) ("add an audiobook with virtual voice")

Dust of Kansas ("add an audiobook with virtual voice")

Road to Humble Texas

Ebola Day