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Thrive and Calm Act Series Audio!

Now in Publisher Packs! The first season of Thrive in audio.

Publisher Packs!

Thrive Publisher Pack, Books 1-2 (Amazon). (And Audible)

Sass Collier collects her elderly spaceship and a motley crew, and heads into space seeking answers to save her moon colony. Contains Skyship Thrive and Spaceship Thrive, books 1-2 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures.

Thrive Publisher Pack, Books 3-4 (Amazon) (And Audible)

Sass and crew cross deep space for another planet. Five months there, five months back, could this possibly be worth it? Contains Interplanetary Thrive and Starship Thrive, books 3-4 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures.


Individual Audiobooks

Skyship Thrive (Amazon) (and Audible)

Spaceship Thrive (Amazon) (and Audible)

Interplanetary Thrive (Amazon) (and Audible)

Starship Thrive (Amazon) (and Audible)

No plans to produce further Thrive audio. These four books complete the first arc, essentially Thrive season 1. This is a natural break – Thrive 5 (Ringship Prosper) picks up a decade later.


Calm Act

Civilly Disobedient (Amazon) (and Audible)

End Game (Amazon) (and Audible)