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Thrive Timeline

Thrive Timeline

Thrive series timeline. Note Sass's age is subjective. She loses years to warp travel twice. Tried to avoid spoilers.

Good entry books.

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2046warp discovered
2048warp probes dispersed to find Diaspora colony worlds
2057Luna started building ships for the terraformers
2072first manned explorers warped out
2084Mahina 'urbs' (terraformers) left Earth
2085Clay Rocha born on Earth, Boston
2090Sass Collier born on Earth, New York City
2092Mahina Actual founded
2096New York City abandoned, Sass's family drifted north
2098Luna started building ships for the settler wave
2104Sass joined the army, age 14
2107Sass discharged pregnant; son born
2115Sass became a cop - decent income, escaped tent cities
2123Sass selected for seat on settler ship Vitality to Mahina
2130Sass selected for seat on settler ship Vitality to Mahina
2134arrived Mahina (lost 8 years objective - subjective age 36)
2150Mahina breathable atmo, settler farms, no more cryo
2163Drone Rider (Earth)
2171Schuyler air drop, Sass age 75 subjective
2173Petticreek Five (prequel)
2197Power to Thrive (prequel)
2197Skyship Thrive (book 1)
2197Sass age 99, Clay 104, Jules 15, Abel 25, Kassidy 23, Eli 42, Benjy 20, Copeland 26, Nico 1
2198Spaceship Thrive (book 2)
2199Interplanetary Thrive (book 3)
2200Starship Thrive (book 4)
2213Ringship Prosper (book 5)
2213Sass age 106, Ben is 36 – Ben has 9 years more space command experience than Sass
2213Sanctuary Thrive (book 6)
2214Prosper & Thrive (book 7)
2216Sylvan Thrive (book 8)
2217Sentient Thrive (book 9)
2218Thrive Earth Return (book 1 of 2nd series)
Can be read as book 10, or book 1
2218Thrive Earth Rematch (book 2)
2218Thrive Luna Regroup (book 3)