Excerpt - Thrive Gandhi Requiem

Thrive Gandhi Requiem, Book 7, Thrive Colony Corps Space Adventures.

book cover

Discover high-tech prizes, and horrors, in the series finale!

Tripping through terrifying futures, Ben Acosta strives to regain his home universe and timeline.

But is he truly the one piloting his lost starship? Or does someone else have an agenda?

Meanwhile on the home timeline, the Colony Corps limps along bereft of its star players. Led by Ben’s struggling son Nico and daughter Frazzie, the B team reopens the last known colony world of Gandhi.

With breeding habits like rabbits, Gandhi proves the most populous colony yet. Their tech solution to the terraforming problem can revolutionize the League! But their social mores combine the worst of all worlds, subjugating women and lower castes.

On a world where uneducated mothers raise a dozen kids apiece, can Frazzie make an impact?

And can Nico revive Sass and Clay?

Don’t miss the time-traveling, Bollywood spectacular series finale of Thrive Colony Corps Space Adventures!

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Excerpt - Thrive Aden Ruin

Thrive Aden Ruin, Book 6, Thrive Colony Corps Space Adventures

book cover


Dark-humored Frazzie, and stolid engineer Tiktok, win ranking cadet berths on Sass Collier’s exciting mission to investigate the dead colony world of Aden. Eerie ruins nestle among Aden’s dark rugged canyons, and a quarter million settlers are gone. What destroyed Aden colony?

Meanwhile Frazzie’s dad, the disenchanted admiral Ben Acosta, migrates Rayas Colony. His cadets can transport the people. But the Rayans also need their precious space station. That engineering feat requires Ben.

Do they have the League’s blessing? No.

Do they care? Also no.

Sass and Ben foresee no major hurdles. They’ve succeeded at similar missions before. Then the Colony Corps abruptly loses them both.

When Frazzie and Tiktok face what killed planet Aden, can they survive their coming of age?


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Excerpt - Feral Winter

Feral Winter, Feral America Dystopian Suspense.

book cover

Hudson is a nation under martial law, built from the collapse of the USA and the culling of New York City.

Special agent Ava hoped for newlywed nesting this winter. Instead Hudson grumbles with famine. In Virginia, weaponized Ebola returns. And her husband Cade is colder than the Upstate winter.

Citizens grow ornery with fear. Will life ever be good again?

Political concerns thrust the young couple back into the city. Her assignment: to investigate a string of suspicious deaths.

Where they lead could break her heart.

Old demons rise up from the Starve, when she too was quarantined in this damned city to die. Can she find answers in time, before the streets explode in riots?

Ava must confront her gang rat past, in this noir turn in a desperate city.

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Excerpt - Thrive Nozomu Appeal

Thrive Nozomu Appeal, Thrive Colony Corps Adventures book 5.

A giant invasion ship abuilding.
An envoy from Earth.
And a relic from Earth’s AI Wars…

Buffeted by advice, Ben refuses to fire on Moby Prick, as they dub the new colony ship. He won’t surrender his home world Mahina, either. There must be another way!

Ben has time. Surely the Prick can’t reach Mahina for a decade?

Two things are clear. They need more ships, and trained crew to fly them. Sass founds the new Colony Corps Academy, assisted by Ben’s space-resistant daughter Frazzie.

Can Sass lure her namesake to the stars?

As for the invasion, Ben has one slim hope. That between the two remaining colonies, one might welcome new settlers. The envoy Melkor says the newcomers will hail from Asia.

Can they persuade the xenophobic world Nozomu to welcome Earth’s new settlers, and deflect them from Mahina?

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Thrive and Calm Act Series Audio!


Audio file

NEWER! Multiple series now COMPLETE on audio!

In addition to the actor-narrated books 1-4, Thrive books 5-9 now available in Virtual Voice! And the Nexus series! Plus Thrive Colony Corps, the entire second series. So far. I won't list them all here! :)

And both Nexus books, plus all of Calm Act Genesis - four prequels. So far.

You can purchase these on Audible, included in an Audible Plus subscription (if you also have Kindle Unlimited), or as an inexpensive add-on when you purchase the ebook on Amazon.

Use this page to find my Virtual Voice books on Audible. (But this is beta software. Audible doesn't show series info yet, which includes the book number. So know before you go, which title you're looking for.)

It's probably more useful to visit my author page on Amazon. Then use the drop-down to request Audio format books, then Show All Books, then select Audio again. Yeah, software beta. But at least Amazon includes the book number and series.

NEW! Second Season!

Ringship Prosper, Thrive Book 5 (AI narrated)

The heroes left behind develop new warp technology.

Excerpt - Thrive Rayas Dreaming

Thrive Rayas Dreaming, Thrive Colony Corps Adventures book 4.

Rayas offers a singular prize - the Dream.

Last-settled of the Diaspora colonies, Rayas was privately funded by California refugees in Mexico. They couldn’t bankroll the immense settler ships that bore a quarter million souls apiece. And the terraformers were long gone.

Instead they sent teens, trained en route using an AI, the Dream. This virtual reality teaches every science and technology, quickly.

Students also relive Earth history first-hand as a video game. In Renaissance Florence, beat the Black Death and study under Michelangelo. Sail the Caribbean smuggling drugs, or master the ninja arts in feudal Japan.

The Dreamers turned out a bit…squirrelly.

Ben Acosta hopes to train crews using the Dream, in a new Colony Corp Academy. He offers Sass Collier the opportunity to found the school. They visit Rayas to perform their due diligence.

Sass’s Lunar lover Gabe hosts as salesman in chief.

The project gives Ben a fresh chance to evaluate Sass’s judgment calls. Because if Luna taught them anything…

Rayans lie. What dark secrets lurk within the Dream?

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Excerpt - Drone Rider 3

Drone Rider 3: Cyborg AI Science Fiction.

January 24, 2022!

Along the exotic ruins of the Silk Road,
cyborgs seek to slay an AI dragon.
Or is that, ally with the dragon?

Cyborg Betta honeymoons with her AI boyfriend Valentin in Chernobyl. But China is collapsing. Factions jockey for control, while Russia and Japan invade. Tai Loong, the Great Dragon AI, mounts a formidable defense.

Russia demands Betta’s team earn their keep. What kind of AI is Tai Loong? What are his weaknesses? How can Russia destroy him?

The drone riders infiltrate the Silk Road to discover his secrets.

But do Betta’s AI allies wish to conquer the charming dragon?

As allies prove enemies, and enemies become friends, her desert trek brings disaster, sorrow, and of course, new critters.

Read the nonstop conclusion of the Drone Rider trilogy, as likable cyborgs and AI tackle the cyber-dragon of the East in a broken cyberpunk world.