Excerpt - Feral Queen

Feral Queen, book 2 of the Feral Starve series.

A queen is tested.

Ava Panic yearns to become the new gang queen.

But Frosty doesn’t want his girlfriend as top girl. As rivals challenge Panic for supremacy, she needs to change his mind and win support.

Spring and summer in desperate Manhattan. Panic tries to prove herself by organizing rooftop crops and more. But survival savvy and vegetables aren’t enough.

The gang wars intensify as Frosty haggles and fights to win enough food for his people.

Disease and death stalk Manhattan’s mean streets in the height of the Starve.

Does Panic have what it takes to not just survive, but rule?

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Feral Scenes Video

Some scenes of Ava Panic's New York City, mostly from Ebola Day and Feral King, but the last picture is St. Anthony's of Padua on Sullivan Street. So one of those fire escapes is Ava's apartment in Soho Ville after the Starve.

I originally intended to do a voiceover, narrating chapter 1 of Ebola Day. Yeah, that's way too long. :)

Excerpt - Feral King

This is the blurb for Feral King, book 1 of the Feral Starve series.

Ebola was the first hurdle.

Winter in Manhattan. Ice and wind howls down streets devoid of heat or light. Ebola killed their parents, wiped out a quarter of the city, including law and order. Frosty and his girlfriend Panic survived the disease. But the elements are their enemy now.

And starvation. And the gangs.

Their enemies are legion.

Two nice, successful high school students, the young black belts met in karate class, where they helped teach the novices. Now they form their own gang for self-defense. They claim a dojo and train other kids to fight for survival.

It isn’t nice. It isn’t pretty.

You fight. You LIVE!

Feral King is the intense, gripping start to Feral Starve, the dark tale of Frosty and Panic’s education in violence during the Starve that killed 9 out of 10 people in New York City.

This book includes disturbing events and sexual violence, not depicted graphically.

Feral Starve Series


Feral Starve: Frosty and Panic


Feral Starve is the intense, gripping story of Frosty and Panic’s education in violence and survival during the Starve, which killed 9 out of 10 people in New York City. These are the gang years between Ebola Day and Feral Recruit.

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Feral America Series - Climate Apocalyptic with Epidemic

Calm Act Feral America: Ava Panic's Story


She survived. That's not good enough.

In the Calm Act series, we stick with the winners, those with power and choices as America collapses.

But Ava Panic was sweet 16 when Ebola destroyed her world. Two brutal years later she's among the 1 out of 10 who survived the culling of New York City.

She's a bit pissed off about that. :)

Join the next generation on the receiving end of catastrophic climate change and government policy.

"Ava kicks butt! Ava was a victim of the culling of NYC. She climbs out of the anarchy that took over as the adults died and teens formed gangs to survive. If you like a take charge female character, Ava is here for your reading enjoyment!"

Excerpt - Ringship Prosper

This is the blurb for Ringship Prosper, book 5 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series.

The heroes left behind.

Sass Collier and the Thrive vanished a decade ago to visit another star. Most of her crew stayed behind on their home moon.

Ben Acosta, captain of the ringship Prosper, still joyfully plies the spaceways. Until his ex decides to head into space with an audacious plan.

The Thrive crew reunites to test a faster-than-light breakthrough that could change everything.

Experimental conditions may be adverse. Mileage may vary.

Can Ben keep his decrepit ship flying, help his ex prove ground-breaking new physics, save innocents, steal priceless technology, and pay the kids’ tuition?

The Thrive Space Colony Adventures resume with book 5!

Power to Thrive

New prequel – Reader Group exclusive!

Power to Thrive, a Thrive Space Colony Adventures prequel, launches August 10, 2019.

Preparing for baby — in all the wrong ways.

This should be the happiest time of his life for rangy mechanic Copeland. His 1-year-old son is about to be delivered from the citadel’s creche.

Babies don’t come easy on Mahina. The moon is barely livable, pregnancy impossible. The city controls fertilization, gestation, and infancy.

Like they control everything else.

A second-class settler like Copeland needs to toe the line in order to qualify. For a rebel like him, going legit is a tall order.

When a power shortage threatens to close his factory, Copeland could lose his kid along with his job.

Time to quit playing by the rules.

Power to Thrive is a short prequel to Skyship Thrive.

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Excerpt - Starship Thrive

Starship Thrive, book 4 of the Thrive Space Colony Adventures series, launches August 1, 2019.

Captain Sass Collier got her crew to Denali.
Can she bring them home again?

Marooned 35 million miles from their home moon. Not enough fuel to reach orbit again, let alone Mahina. The locals seem friendly. But the planet Denali itself is hostile, from volcanoes to microbes.

Thrive has 6 months until their launch window opens – and closes.

The prizes Denali offers are jewels beyond price. An actual starship awaits on the sea bottom. The greatest nanite scientist of the system can finally tell Sass how she came to be immortal.

Be careful what you ask for.

In the finale of the Denali arc, our heroes visit the ocean floor, battle an aggressive ecosystem, and come to terms with a strange new world.

And just maybe, they’ll win a starship. Fuel not included. Additional taxes and grueling acts of heroism may apply.

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